We invite you to a first journey through pictures

The central point from which we started this project was the conviction that each area has a building style, which is
both culturally individual and very valuable. It combines crafts, traditions, local materials adapted to the local
way of life and climate.

In an age of globalization and consumerism, in which we are invaded by impersonal products, made industrially, this cultural dowry must be preserved and carried on. On the one hand by restoring the existing real estate, and on the other hand by integrating traditional elements in new constructions. In this way, the authentic image of the Romanian village can be preserved, where the new “exotic” constructions must be an exception and not a rule.

This is what we tried to do at Hanul Vatra. We restored a monumental building representative of our village and brought
it to the old image and brilliance, and we wanted the extension to be a background and a completion of the old
construction, without competing with it.

Regarding the materials, we opted for the natural, simple, hand-processed ones, which carry iwith them the signs of the
chisel or hammer – the effort of the maker and which, with the passage of time, gain in beauty through patina.