Modern conditions, adaptable spaces and areas for relaxation

We are sized for a maximum capacity of 30 people, we offer modern conditions, generous common spaces and a simple environmental setting, without superfluous details.

This was the goal we pursued throughout the project, since the acquisition of the building. Thus, we demolished the buildings and the parasitic annexes, added over the years in the yard and the first floor of the old building. We revised the division of the ground floor and extended the old building with the reception and restaurant sections – in order to be able to use the building of the former Bathing Establishment exclusively for the accommodation function.

For the finishes we chose quality materials that age beautifully. We chose a handmade ceramic or natural stone for floors, solid oak floor treated with oil and laminated oak windows.

We put great value on restoring the original details of the old building, overshadowed in the post-nationalization period. We incorporated in the new buildings elements specific to the area, such as the crosses common to the stables in the area. By curling the roof on the new body, we wanted to evoke the original destination of the building – that of baths with mineral waters – which unfortunately we could not maintain.