About us

Less is more

Our story

We emigrated in our young years with a suitcase with clothes, filled with courage. We left back in Romania our parents,
our relatives, our friends and the “confort zone” We met in Germany where we married and practiced for years our
professions as architect and lawyer.

Being privileged to practice the professions we had learned, we could get integrated more easily and gain a perspective
on the system. We recognized the social pressure and the pitfall of consumerism and decided to go our own way.

We were thinking about returning to Romania, but one comes from the west – Banat, the other one from the east – Tulcea,
so we wouldn’t have MXNKJ if we were to choose between one of the origins.

But during one of our holidays we arrived in Costesti – halfway, in the courtyard of the grandparents, which lies right
next to the former Stabilimentul Bailor, back then a ruin. And this is how it all began.

In summer, it is time for hay

We enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, carefully grown – and what remains is preserved for the winter: marmalades, jams and compotes.

In the Spring

We welcome our guests with joy – we await the dazzling scents of the blossoming acacias and lime trees in the forest.

The fall comes with the harvest

We pick the fruits, walnuts and chestnuts and prepare ourselves for the winter – pickles, homemade vegetables paste and other conserves.

In the winter we rest for a little while and then begin preparing for the holiday season.